Nothing here yet, just stuff in the back room.

Contact Me

Be sure not to title your emails with anything that sounds like spam. Like "Hi".
Ugleh's email
Of course you can also contact me on any of the sites I go to, like Facebook, Twitter, exc.
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Over my years as a developer I have contributed a lot to many different sites, and here is a list in case you where interested.
Secondlife Marketplace
Garrysmod Downloads
Bukkit Plugins
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More sites to be added soon... there is a few more.

About this Server/Site and Me

This is a dedicated server, and I allow some of my friends to hold their websites on it, so please do not contact me for them or assume they are me. The sites listed on this placement page are the sites I claim responsibility for.

I run multiple websites, usually out of inspiration of an idea. Some have come as hits like ThisFile and some have failed like StatusSig.

I am a Web Developer that specializes in PHP and MySQL. I do not do custom jobs for people, however I love doing projects to release to the public. I may add those here in the future.
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